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State Fair Mini Dounts Oven


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State Fair Mini Donuts Oven Rental

State Fair Mini Donuts Concession Oven Rental Chicago

This State Fair Mini Donuts Oven can add fun treats to any concession stand. Mini donuts are a great treat that offer the flexiblity to serve them morning, noon, or night. Mini Donuts are great little treats that will keep your guest coming back for more!! This easy to use machine will let you heat up 1200 donuts an hour. You can serve the donuts plain or sprinkle them with Cinnamon & Sugar.  


This State Fair Mini Donuts Kit includes

420 Mini Donuts (makes 35 dozen per bag or 70 1/2 dozen per bag or 140 with only 3 to a bag)

Cinnamon Sugar


Oven to heat up the Donuts


State Fair Mini Donuts Specification

Hot fresh Mini Donuts made without the need for frying. The state fair mini donut machine is on 15"L x 20"W x 14"H and only need 120v plug so it plugs in anywhere. You can make up to 1200 dounts an hour if you have a really large event if you need extra supplies you can add them to your cart. 


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