Plinko Game

Plinko Game


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Actual Size: 16"D X 23"W X 70.5"H

Monitors: 1

Age Group: All Ages


Plinko Carnival Game Rental

Chicago Plinko Carnival Game Rental

Let us bring the thrill of the carnival to your next event with this Plinko Game. Classic meets contemporary in this well-known game! Drop one of the colored disks down from the top and watch it bounce through the pegs into a scored slot at the bottom. Is this a game of luck, or does it require strategy? You decide! This classic is fun for all ages.
How to Play Plinko Carnival Game

  1. Starting Point: Players begin by choosing a slot at the top of the Plinko board to drop their disc.
  2. The Journey: As the disc descends, it bounces off a series of pegs, changing its direction with each hit. The randomness of the bounces ensures that no two drops are ever quite the same.
  3. The Destination: At the bottom of the board are several bins, each labeled with different point values or prizes. The slot in which the disc lands determines the player's score or reward.

Strategy vs. Luck: While the journey of the disc is largely governed by chance, players can employ strategies by choosing different starting points, observing patterns, and predicting the disc's trajectory. However, the unpredictable nature of the bounces ensures that outcomes remain uncertain, keeping the excitement alive.



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