Giant Wooden Jenga

Giant Wooden Jenga


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Gaint Wooden Jenga

Gaint Jenga is a great game of skill. This gaint Jenga back yard game is sure to keep your guest playing for hours. Building a bertical tower with the Jenga blocks. The tower is built by stacking theree blocks side be side in a row. Each new row formed is turned 90 degrees from the blocks in the row below it.. Keep the tower from falling as you remove blocks to win the game. 

GAME PLAY: The player that built the tower is the first to play. A turn consists of a player removing a block from the tower and placing the revoed block on top ot hte tower.

A player's turn ends ten seconds after the block after the block has been placed atop the tower, or once the next player touches a block.

Player continue to take turns, removing blocks until the tower falls.

WInnner: The last player to ssuccessfully remover and stack a block without the tower falling wins the games.

RULES: A Player can only touch blocks with one hand at a time

A block can only be removed from below the top most competed row

The player that caused the tower to fall has to setup the tower for the next game 

Specifiaction for Gaint Wooden Jenga

Our gaint jenga is made of wood. The item dimensions are 7.75 x 7.75 x 36 inches

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