Baseball Giant Horse Shoe Rentals

Baseball Giant Horse Shoe Rentals


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Baseball Giant Horse Shoe Rentals

Giant Game Rentals Chicago and Chicagoland Suburbs

Baseball Giant Horse shoe rentals is a lagrger than life sized basball themed Giant horse shoe game rental. this versionof horse shoes with a touch of baseball adds a whole new life to the game of horse shoes. These baseball stitched horse shoes will take you baseball themed party to a new level of fun. You can play this giant horse shoe game indoors or outdoors so the possibilites are endless. Giant horse shoes is fun for all ages as this classic game is fun for the whole family to enjoy at your next event.

Specifics for the Baseball Giant Horse Game

The Giant baseball horse shoe game includes 4 horse shoes stitched like a baseball. The basball horse shoes are 3 feet tall and are huge. The large size of th horse shoes adds the fun to this classic yard game!

How to Play Giant Horse Shoes

A coin is tossed to decide who starts and thereafter the player to pitch first alternates with the end. Throws must be underarm. The first player throws both horseshoes at the opposite stake one after the other. The second player then does the same thing. The score for the end is then calculated and the players play the next end by reversing direction and throwing at the other stake.

Any horseshoe that completely surrounds the stake is called a "ringer" and scores three points unless cancelled out by an opponents ringer. If there is some doubt as to whether or not a horseshoe qualifies as a ringer, a straight edge should be placed against the open end of the horseshoe. If straight edge doesn't touch the stake, a ringer is scored. For such a simple game the scoring can seem complicated because of the way that ringers are cancelled out. To desimplify this, the various options are listed below:

  1. If no ringers are thrown, the nearest horseshoe to the stake counts one point.

  2. If both players throw a single ringer each, the ringers are cancelled out and the nearest of the other two horseshoes scores one point.

  3. Should both players score two ringers each, they cancel each other out and no points are scored.

  4. If one player manages one ringer but the other player pitches two ringers, three points are scored.

  5. If a single ringer has been scored that player wins three points plus an extra point if that player's other horseshoe is the closest of the remaining three.

  6. Finally, if a player achieves two ringers and the other player manages none, six points are scored.

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